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Full Range of Bakery Spray Solutions for Coating, Pan Lubrication, Cleaning & More


Lubricating pans, applying coatings (like glazes, butter and mold inhibitors) and efficiently cleaning processing equipment can be challenging. Optimising your spray performance and automating manual spray operations can significantly impact your bottom line. We have the spray nozzles, headers and automated systems to help you increase production and improve product quality.


  • Coating: egg wash, butter, oil, chocolate, glazes, cinnamon and other flavorings, with Precision Spray Control
  • Lubricating: pans and conveyors
  • Food safety: mold inhibitor application
  • Cleaning: conveyors, general plant clean-up and tanks up to 100’ (30 m) in diameter


AutoJet® Dough Moistening Spray System

AutoJet® Bread Pan Oiling Spray System

Autojet® Bakery Conveyor Belt Cleaning System

AutoJet® Skip and Hopper Spray Lubrication System

AutoJet® Bread Scoring System

AutoJet® Glaze Spray System

AutoJet® Mould Inhibitor Spray System

AutoJet® Spray Systems have been proven to increase production, lower operating costs and minimise downtime. Viscous coating issues are eliminated with the use of AccuCoat® Heated Spray Systems.

Using spray technology, our systems are capable of spraying even the most difficult of liquids including oils, chocolate glazes and release agents. Spraying Systems Co. nozzles, manifolds and automated systems are all made in food-grade compliant materials.