AutoJet Heated Oiling SystemEliminate Wasteful, Costly and Hazardous Over-Application of Oil with Unique New AutoJet® System

The application of oil on strip is a challenge for most producers. Uneven and over-application of oil are typical when using wringer rolls or open pipes. Misting, low transfer efficiency and a hazardous work environment are common problems when applying oil with costly-to-operate air atomizing spray systems. Our new AutoJet Oiling System solves all these problems through precision application.

System highlights:

  • Reduce scrap – eliminates dry and excessively oily spots
  • Consistent application – even when line speed changes
  • Boost production – individual nozzle control for automatic adjustment to varying strip widths
  • Lower operating costs – reduce oil consumption through precision application; no compressed air required
  • Reduce maintenance time – no misting or overspray minimises equipment and work area clean-up